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Aging Gracefully & Lovingly

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We receive many requests for information on prolonging a youthful look and feel. There are so many natural enhancement tools that we can use in order to minimize the damage caused by oxidative stress so that as we age, we do so in style and with a bit more confidence and vitality. Let’s start with some facts & definitions:

  1. What are free radicals?  According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary,  a free radical is an especially reactive atom or group of atoms that has one or more unpaired electrons; especially :  one that is produced in the body by natural biological processes or introduced from an outside source (such as tobacco smoke, toxins, or pollutants) and that can damage cells, proteins, and DNA by altering their chemical structure.
  2. What is oxidation? The damage caused by free radicals is called oxidation. Its the same process that browns an apple or rusts metal. Rampaging free radicals react with compounds in the body & oxidize them.
  3. This is the stuff that causes premature aging and wrinkles.
  4. “High levels of oxidative stress affect every organ and system in the body and have been linked with everything from Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, cancer and heart disease to accelerated aging, asthma, diabetes and leaky gut syndrome. Oxidative stress is believed to lead to the development of the most prevalent chronic diseases and disorders killing adults today, especially heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
  5. Oxidation lays the foundation for the proliferation of free radicals and damage to cells, muscles, tissue, organs, etc.”

(This info can also be found on Dr. Josh Axe’s Website)


I would like to now show you a couple of items that we carry that can naturally and effectively help limit/control oxidative stress and also to repair tissue damage that has already taken place.

Let’s start with Phyto Rad by Energetix:

An herbal blend packed with antioxidants, Phyto Rad may be recommended as a free radical scavenger and to prevent oxidative stress and soften signs of aging. You can see below that it is one of the ingredients in the skin elasticity elixir. (CoQ10 is also rich in antioxidants and plays a big partWe carry the other products as well.)

Spagyric Greens, also by Energetix, may be used in any healing strategy to maintain normal energy levels, assist the body when under stress, and provide essential nutrients to maintain health & vitality.

Gotu Kola is an herb that is often referred to by some practitioners as, “Natural botox in a bottle.” Useful in supporting any connective tissue (including skin, duodenal and stomach tissue), Mediherb’s Gotu Kola Complex may also assist the body’s normal process for fluid drainage from tissues. It can be a powerful aid to maintaining good health by supporting healthy connective tissue and the integrity of blood vessel walls.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: This is probably the cleanest protein powder that I have ever come across. It’s super user-friendly given that it dissolves so easily in liquid without getting cakey or thick. You can make your own butter coffee at home by adding two scoops of the powder along with some grass-fed butter or ghee. Or, You can mix it in almond or coconut milk and shake it up! (I personally love to add cinnamon for extra flavor and “sweetness.”)

The last product worth mentioning is called For-Til B12 and is made by Standard Process. This product contains Tillandsia and a special type of Vitamin E. It is recommended for people who are fatigued and always worn-out. This product’s effect is due to its high concentration of sex hormone precursors. Also referred to as a geriatric tonic, it is especially helpful to older patients. However, it has also benefited adults of all ages when used as an enhancement tool for hair, skin, and nail quality and tissue repair.

Apart from supplements, there are certainly things you can do in order to prevent and reverse signs of aging. You can add certain foods like tomatoes, avocados, nuts, wild-caught salmon, and berries. These are considered skin food by many in that they promote a healthy complexion due to their density in nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Huff Post has a nice little article on these foods, and you can click here to check it out. And remember, whatever the body expresses externally is a direct reflection of what is happening internally.

Exercising regularly (at least 150 minutes per week, or 30 minutes 5 times weekly…remember walking counts) will keep your energy flowing and help reduce overall stress levels. Also, conscious breathing techniques allow us to stay present and live in the moment. Since the present moment is all that we can control, living here makes the most sense. Stress usually takes over when we worry about the past (what could have been) or when we live in the future (what could be or what might happen). Louise Hay’s website is an excellent source for you to adopt some of these calming practices into your everyday life. Here’s one to help you regulate breathing and calm your heart.

As always, we are here to provide individualized protocols to promote health based on your body’s specific needs.  For more information, call and set up an appointment to see where we can help guide your overall health improvement.

Written by: Laura Bautista, Certified Holistic Health Coach