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The concept of electrosmog is relatively new though not one to be ignored. More research is being released advising us against the dangers of products many of us use and rely on daily – think cell phones, computers, radios, TVs, baby monitors, refrigerators, hair dryers…the list goes on!

We’re sharing key points from an article written by Dr. Martha M. Grout and journalist Mary Budinger that sheds a more light on our current predicament. If you have a chance to read the whole article we recommend doing so otherwise, please see key points below.

  • Humans are complex organizations of electrical fields. The body is about 70% water with a high mineral content making it highly electrically conductive.
  • We have some 60 trillion cells. Brain cells, nerve cells, bone cells, etc. all vibrate at different rates in order to communicate with one another – cells, tissues, and organs communicate using bioelectrical pulses.
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) are artificial intrusions with unnatural intensities, signaling characteristics, pulsing patterns and wave forms – they can misdirect cells in myriad ways.
  • EMF’s occur naturally in storms, in the Earth’s magnetic field, etc. The development of man-made electricity and rapid technological process over the past century have multiplied their sources and diversified their characteristics.
  • Man-made frequencies exert a constant pressure on the cells to shift their natural vibration. Our DNA is affected because these unnatural fields carry enough energy to break the chemical bonds that hold DNA together.
  • Nighttime exposure is the worst. At night your body regenerates, organs detoxify and cancer-fighting melatonin is produced. But when there are constant pulsing signals from ‘Energy Star’ appliances, WiFi networks, etc., human cellular receptors are fooled into entraining to the frequency of that pulsing signal.
    • DNA within the cell has to interpret and decide whether the signal is friend or foreign.
    • If foreign, the cell thinks it’s under attack and closes its ‘doors’ which means nutrients do not get in and toxins do not get out. This is called oxidative stress and leads to a buildup of free radicals and DNA repair is disrupted.
  • Science meets politics.
    • Many studies have been implemented to test the safety of common products like microwaves and cell phones but researchers have been pressured to stop further investigation.
    • In the 1980’s, Dr. George Carlo was hired to lead a study on cell phones. Six years and some $23 million later, Dr. Carlo and his team reported the following. Once released, the industry did not renew Dr. Carlo’s research funds and began to discredit him.
      • Cell phones cause leakage in the blood-brain barrier
      • Radiation from wireless phone antennae causes genetic damage in human blood
      • There was a doubling of risk for a certain type of cancer
  • Cell phones.
    • Cell phones have been called the cigarettes of the 21st century – toxic, addictive and heavily defended by an army of industry lobbyists.
    • The Interphone Study was released in 2010.  “What we have discovered indicates there is going to be one hell of a brain tumor pandemic unless people are warned and encouraged to change current cell phone use behaviors.” Lloyd Morgan, B.Sc.
  • EMF Hypersensitivity and Diabetes Type III.
    • Could dirty electricity raise elevated blood sugar levels among diabetics and pre-diabetics who are especially sensitive to EMF’s.
  • Riskier for children.
    • Electromagnetic radiation penetrates almost straight through the entire brain of a 5-year old child.
    • A study of 13,000 children born in 1997 and 1998 found that children who were exposed to cell phones – either in the womb by their mother’s cell phone use or as youngsters themselves – had more behavior problems at the age of seven than non-cell phone users. Researchers found inattention, hyperactivity, and problems with peers.
    • Is brain cancer on the rise among young Americans?
  • Tips if/when using a cell phone:
    • Holding the cell phone against your head ensures you will absorb most of the microwave energy. A speakerphone is better as it puts distance between your head and the emissions.
    • Texting is better than talking (in terms of avoiding cell phone damage).
    • Avoid making calls when you have few service bars.
    • Avoid using your cell phone when in an enclosed area such as a car, train, airplane or metal building.
    • To play it safe, buy a cell phone with a SAR number of .08 or less.
    • Blackberries and iPhones are different than other cell phones as they always emit signals even when they’re turned off.
    • Look into a cell phone protector that will offer some protection from thermal effects.
  • Other tips:
    • Hire a BauBiologist to check your home and find out exactly how badly you are being bombarded.
    • Paint the interior walls of your house with shielding paint.
    • Put a shielding film on windows and sliding glass doors.
    • Install a kill switch in the bedrooms to turn off electricity at night that runs through the walls.

For the full article, please ask us for a copy during your next visit.
Copywrite 2011 By Dr. Martha M. Grout and journalist Mary Budinger, USA