A Born Healer!
by Elena Michaelson

I’ve known Elke for over a year now and can vouch for what a person of integrity, wisdom, and kindness she is. That’s important for me in a health care provider, especially one who uses the cutting edge technology that Elke does, which I don’t always understand. In 15 minutes of testing, she detected something that I hadn’t told her anything about that turned out to be dramatically affecting my health, which was 2 abscessed teeth. She also knew exactly which ones they were. Further testing confirmed my gall bladder problem and the cause, which was the reason I had gone to see her. She gave me some herbs and a protocol to follow to clear it up, which has indeed alleviated the problem. I was afraid that I would need to have my gall bladder removed, but Elke proved that there are other options than surgery. I can’t wait to continue my treatment with her! I heartily recommend Elke and her work.

Wonderful Holistic Practitioner
by menam09

I’ve lost weight and I have no digestion problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down. Thank you Dr. Kniss.

(As most of you know, Elke is not a doctor; She is PA, CCN…but you get the idea!)

Honest Approach
by C.W.

When asked, “What did you like about Elke?,” C.W. replied, “Her confidence in her ability, ‘I can help you.’ Her honest approach. She was able to pinpoint my fears. Her combination of traditional and alternative/holistic training.”

Aga S.

“Elke is an exceptional practitioner and a beautiful soul. I owe her my health and healing my autoimmune disease that I’ve been told by a regular doctor is not curable. I’m forever grateful!
Love The Spring and Elke. They are very nice and really work with you to ensure you’re on your way to better health. After suffering from autoimmune issues for over 2 years, I came to see Elke. I felt better in the first month after seeing her than I have in those 2 years I was sick.”

Cathryn W.

Us: “How long have you been trusting us with your care?”
Cathryn: “1 month”
Us: “How did you feel when you first started?”
Cathryn: “Tired, chronic pain in the back of the neck and I couldn’t get a handle on it, fatigued…
Us: “How do you feel now?”
Cathryn: “Energetic. 50 % less pain, sleeping well- Recently I met with an Integrative MD to do labs for peri-menopausal symptoms I’d been experiencing. When I went to the appointment, all symptoms had disappeared, & MD said labs not needed!”

(Her appointment with her MD had been scheduled out a few weeks, so by the time she got there, after working with us at The Spring, all of her peri-menopausal symptoms had cleared! Amazing!)


This newsletter and the natural health counselors at The Spring, Center for Natural Medicine do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or make any medical claims. They do not supplant medical care, no do they dissuade anyone from seeking medical attention for any injury, illness, or other medical condition.