Vaccination and Homeopathy, Similarities and Differences

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May 5, 2015

“Have we traded mumps and measles for cancer and leukemia?”                                           -Dr. Robert Mendelsohn


In honor the school year coming to an end, let’s shine a little light on the controversial topic of vaccination.  It’s easy to have a knee jerk reaction to hot topics such as this one.  I want to begin by stating clearly, I am not here to try to persuade you either in favor or against vaccinations.  I am simply going to lay out the facts on the topics and allow you to make an educated decision on your own.  Let’s dive in…

Many experts agree that the negative and “ugly” effects of vaccinations greatly outweigh any possible benefits.  However, vaccination is not the only option.

Most people are fairly familiar with vaccinations but much less familiar with homeopathy.  The basic science is the same; both homeopathic remedies and vaccines use diseased material to make remedies or cures.  Some utilize diseased tissues, while others use products of disease, called nosodes.


There are actually many similarities between the homeopathy and vaccines.  Homeopathy and vaccinations both originated in the late 18th century around the same time.

In 1789, Hahnemann used bark from the Peruvian cinchona tree to create a fever similar to the fever of malaria, in order to cure the disease.  After continued experiments and developments, he is now credited as being the first individual to conceive that the products of disease could be used in the cure of disease.

One nosode Hahnemann made was created from the excretions of diseased skin and is now designated as the first vaccine ever made.

A few years later, in 1796, marked the beginning of modern-day vaccines in Western medicine.  Edward Jenner’s created the first experimental inoculation of cowpox (i.e. vaccinia, smallpox in cows).


Ok, so the basics are in line.  Then why is there such a huge discrepancy between vaccines and homeopathy?

The most significant difference is that homeopathic nosodes do not contain live or weakened microbes that can cause chromosomal damage.  Vaccines do.  


Viruses contain foreign DNA and RNA (usually monkey, calf, or chicken) – which is pure genetic material.  When vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream, this foreign genetic material readily enters and incorporates into our human cells.

In response to the incorporation of the foreign DNA and RNA, there are various genetic mutations and disorders that can occur, including:  childhood ear and upper respiratory infections, brain damage in the form of learning disabilities, hyperactivity, social aggressiveness, seizures and autism.

When a normal invasive virus (i.e. flu or measles) enters the body the virus replicates itself in the cell’s fluids then floods back into the bloodstream.  This triggers the body to send out natural killer cells to attack the invading virus in the bloodstream and destroy it.

When  an invasive virus is injected into the bloodstream (vaccination) the viruses are not making more viruses.  Instead the virus (along with the foreign genetic material) sits in the cell’s DNA.  The immune system can sense the foreign element in the cell and sends out natural killer cells to attack the bodies own innocent cells.

The particular tissues that are attacked are most likely based on the type of the individual virus injected.  For example, the tetanus virus has been linked with an increase in allergies and asthma; the measles virus has been linked with an increase in Crohn’s disease.


More often than not, these vaccine viruses cause no immediate discernible outward symptom.  These viral genes derived from vaccines can hide in our DNA  for decades and finally erupt into some form of immune disorder or disease.   They remain silent in our bodies until they later trigger autoimmune dysfunctions like rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, anemia, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and other genetic malfunctions that contribute to the future onset of cancer.

So let’s honestly ask ourselves, “Have we traded mumps and measles for cancer and leukemia?”

As with any and all information we provide, please, do your own research.  All information gathered in this article originated from Radical Medicine by Dr. Louisa L. Williams, in which multiple case studies and extensive research is specifically sited on all topics covered.