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We support a myriad of health concerns – hormones, autoimmune, sleep, stress, food sensitivities, pediatrics, and many more – all of which can be improved with safe, natural and nutritional means. You can find more specifics on our website.
At The Spring, we utilize a variety of forms of muscle testing but base our clinical practice in Nutrition Response Testing. Based in kinesiology, Nutrition Response Testing is precise and scientific; a non-invasive system to analyze the body to determine imbalances and the underlying causes of ill or suboptimal health. In Nutrition Response Testing, we use your body’s reflexes as a biofeedback system to tell us what areas are under stress and need nutritional support. By checking these reflexes directly against a series of the most common causes of dysfunction – like foods, immune challenges and toxic chemicals – we can discover the actual root cause of your health problems and therefore, strategically and intentionally develop a diet, lifestyle and supplementation protocol best for you.

The Initial Consultation is a 60-minute appointment. The first 15-minutes we will conduct a computerized Heart Rate Variability scan to gain more insight on the functionality of your nervous system. The practitioner will then review your paperwork, health history and current symptoms and concerns, and then will conduct the initial Nutrition Response Testing analysis

Following (typically within 5 business days after the Initial Consultation) will be a 40-minute Report of Findings where you will meet with the practitioner and they will present their recommendations for care, as well as go over the expectations of a client at The Spring. At this time, if both you and the practitioner determine moving forward with care is in your best interest, they will present you with next steps

The Initial Consultation + Report of Findings is $350, paid at the Initial Consultation. Note: supplements are not included in this price. Supplement costs are based on your individual recommendations and will be determined and reviewed at your Report of Findings.

Follow-up visits are determined case-by-case. The practitioner will present their recommendations best for you at your Report of Findings. In general, we ask clients to come for follow-up visits more frequently at the beginning of care, and less frequently as you progress and your health improves. But again, everyone is unique and all care programs are different and specific to you.

No. However, we do accept HSA + FSA cards. Please speak with your insurance company directly if you have any questions about coverage

Yes, we love working with kids! We’ve found that families who approach health together as a unit achieve the best results. Our policy requires at least one of the primary caretakers to be seen as a new client first.

The Spring offers natural solutions for your pressing health concerns. Our mission is to identify and heal the root cause of what ails you, rather than seek short term “band-aids.” We design a unique health improvement program for each of our clients, generally through a triad of diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

If all of the above is in line with your expectations and you’re ready to commit, please first fill out our New Client Inquiry form here. We will review within 2 business days and reach out directly with next steps.

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