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Metabolism Boosting Tips to Optimize Your Weight

By August 25, 2015 February 18th, 2020 No Comments

August 25, 2015

Dr. Mercola unveils some of  the reasons why we just cannot seem to lose weight, and how solid nutrition science can help you tweak some of your daily habits to boost your metabolism.

Is your metabolism slow, in spite of eating and exercising? Several effective strategies are discussed for reviving a sluggish metabolism. Chronic low-level inflammation can stall your metabolism, which may result from food sensitivities, poor sleep, stress, and other lifestyles factors.


Pickled fruits and vegetables are a great source of fermented nutrients and help to maintain a healthy gut balance.

When consumed shortly after a workout, especially strength training, whey protein has been shown to exhibit significant thermogenic and muscle building effects.

Consuming fermented foods can help to restore balance to your gut flora, which is necessary for optimal metabolic function and body composition. Other strategies for jump-starting your metabolism include intermittent fasting, intermittent movement, and super-low weight training.

Our 21 Day Purification Program addresses chronic inflammation, food, sensitivities, digestive and liver purification and is a great way to begin your weight loss program. Call The Spring Center for Natural Medicine for more information.

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