The Spring

How We Approach Your Health

We ignite hope in our clients and our
community that full, healthy lives are possible.

Our Mission

At The Spring, we’re dedicated to addressing the root causes of your health concerns through personalized programs focused on muscle testing, lab testing, diet, and other natural therapies.

A New Take on the Old Ways

Our holistic approach to health isn’t new.
How we help you achieve your best health is. 

Holistic healing is based on the ancient understanding that true health only happens when you consider the body as a whole and uncover the underlying cause of symptoms. We prioritize a comprehensive approach to wellness, delving beyond surface-level symptoms to uncover the true source of health imbalances, blockages, and weaknesses.
At The Spring, we offer you the foundations of a holistic approach to health alongside the modern advances in integrative wellness.

What We Do

Taking a root-cause approach to health requires us to first identify imbalances, what’s causing
that imbalance, and what your body needs so we can support you with holistic healing.


Our main form of assessment is muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology, used to identify imbalances, stressors, inflammation, sensitivities, and deficiencies in your body.
Depending on your specific health concerns we may also use lab testing to gain a deeper look at your body chemistry. With these assessment tools, along with a thorough health history and in-depth discussion about your lifestyle and goals, we can build a personalized plan just for you.
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Healing Regimens

After analyzing your assessment results, we can develop tailored strategies that address your unique needs.
We offer hands-on, individualized protocols for all of our clients—no one-size-fits-all programs. You and your practitioner will work together to build a realistic program that addresses the underlying cause of your symptoms. Your program may include the following:
supplement diet changes
supplement Nutritional supplements
lifestyle Lifestyle changes such as sleeping patterns, eating habits, or how you move your body

Our goal is to get you feeling better so you need us less.
Though we are always here for support when you need us!

Our Specializations

We support you and all of your health concerns.

  • Acute injury support
  • Adrenal dysfunction
  • Allergy clearing
  • Attention disorders
  • Chronic diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Hormone balancing
  • Joint pain
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Lyme disease and co-infections
  • Memory disorders
  • Nutrition
  • Pediatric concerns
  • Purification and detoxification
  • Sleep support
  • Stress management
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Weight loss
  • And much more…
There Is No Shortcut To Health

But We Are Here to Guide You

Nutrition and lifestyle changes create ripples of impact, leading toward your best health. There is no such thing as a quick fix, but with time and dedication our clients are rewarded with lasting health and a full life.
We are committed to helping you get there too. Experience personalized care, natural solutions, and the power of community as you journey toward whole-person health.

In Our Clients’ Words

Emily P.

The Spring has completely changed my life for the better. Having a chronic thyroid issue, I’ve spent years trying whatever will help with no luck until I met The Spring. I can’t say enough good things about how incredible they are, and how muscle testing can so quickly pinpoint what is off in your body. I cannot recommend The Spring enough for finally helping me to feel better!

Rebekah W.

I started seeing The Spring in the middle of January after months of toying with the idea of working with a holistic practitioner. I've suffered from stomach issues for 10+ years (I'm 25 now) and started developing horrible cystic acne after a few months of getting off of the BC pill last year. Working with The Spring has changed my life in so many ways beyond health and nutrition. Now that it's been almost 3 months, I can confidently say I have never felt more connected to my mind and my body, nor have I ever felt and looked this good from the inside-out.

Jennings G.

I was having severe medical issues that doctors couldn’t explain or fix, and a family friend recommended I go to The Spring. Within the first two sessions, I had answers and now 4 months later, I feel like a whole new person. The Spring changed my life and helped me get my health back. I will be grateful for them for the rest of my life.

McKenna K.

My experience at The Spring has been more than wonderful. My practitioner takes the time to listen and guide you on a path to true wellness. I came to The Spring seeking a holistic way to clear acne and improve energy. I had previously stuck to a vegan diet and have since begun to transition to a “back to the basics” approach, one that includes meat and other high quality protein sources. I have never felt better and truly feel like I have a grip on my body as a whole. My face hasn’t been clearer and my energy levels have improved greatly! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to trust in the process of healing my body fully!

Josef M.

After being with The Spring for the past two years, I am amazed at how far my son has come. He no longer does the finger knitting or even any of the little “quirks” that would make him stand out in a crowd. He is now able to hold a conversation with someone else and pay attention to what they are saying to him. A longtime friend of ours has noticed a difference in him. While he still takes longer to complete school assignments, he has definitely improved on focusing on his schoolwork and in his efficiency of completing assignments. We now have many foods back in our diet. We have made so much progress in our journey!

Kim B.

The Spring has a heightened sense of observation, and immediately made the connection between my daughter's health struggles and my own. I became an instant fan of my practitioner's intuition and emotional healing approach to my health issues. They recognized my elevated "mom stress" level and the many emotions that my body was trying to process, along with my heavy metal, kidney, and liver struggles and immediately got to work figuring my "whole person" out, and started me on supplements that my body was desperately wanting and needing. After just a few visits and improved energy levels, it has become clear to me that it is impossible to fully experience medical healing, without recognizing and addressing the entire person, and that effective healing must first begin with self-care. The Spring does this beautifully. They truly make you feel special and deserving of health, and go above and beyond to help you feel and be the best version of yourself possible.

Common Questions

We allow cancellations and rescheduling with 24-hour notice.

Any appointments missed, canceled, or changed without 24-hour notice will result in a fee equal to 100% of the reserved service amount. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Follow-up visits are determined on a case-by-case basis. The practitioner will present their recommendations for you at your Report of Findings. In general, we ask clients to come for follow-up visits more frequently at the beginning of care and less frequently as you progress and your health improves. But again, everyone is unique and all care programs are different and specific to you.
No. However, we do accept HSA + FSA cards. Please speak with your insurance company directly if you have any questions about coverage.
Yes, we love working with kids! We’ve found that families who approach health together as a unit achieve the best results. Our policy requires at least one of the primary caretakers to be seen as a new client first.
Thank you in advance for not wearing any perfumes/fragrances to your appointments. We have many clients who are highly sensitive when exposed to these chemicals.
Start by completing our New Client questionnaire found here! Someone from our team will be in touch within 2 business days to discuss next steps. Please do not book Initial Consultations on our online booking portal.

Our Team is Here for Your Questions

Send us a message to learn more about our wellness services and how we can help you create a plan for long-term health.