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Would You Like to Be Cured Instantly?

By April 14, 2014 No Comments

Of course, every ill person would like to be cured instantly. But once your body has become chronically ill, the return to radiant health requires that you do your homework first.

Usually there are several factors contributing to the failure of your health. You must put your detective hat on to search for which health-destroying factors have robbed you of your good health. Once these factors are identified, take direct action to eliminate each factor.

80% of Chronic Disease Linked to Diet

Even with the best of nutritional supplements, your health may not improve significantly if you do not eliminate the negative factors that continue to tear down your health. Many doctors report that up to 80% of chronic disease is linked directly to your diet: the food you eat directly affects your health.

Learn to make wise, healthy choices for your daily cuisine. Enjoy delicious foods and get back to GREAT HEALTH.

Common health-destroyers may be tearing down your health. Read down the list and identify each negative factor that pertains to you. Then make a firm resolve to eliminate each factor. Enjoy the journey back to excellent health.

It’s never too late to chose great health. The following list of common health-destroyers are known to contribute to the development of chronic disease. (This is only a partial list.)

Eliminate Your Health-Destroyers

  1. “Bad” Fats. Avoid eating fried foods (such as french fries, chips, bacon, etc.) and hydrogenated oils (such as mayonnaise, margarine, etc,) which are linked to cancer and liver degeneration.
  2. Foods/drinks with “natural flavors”. The cute name, “natural flavors,” is a spin doctor term for MSG, monosodium glutamate, a dangerous neurotoxin which can cause brain cells to self-destruct. Avoid products with “natural flavors” listed in the ingredients, there is nothing “natural” about MSG.
  3. Foods/drinks with aspartame. Aspartame is a toxic chemical sweetener. Thousands of adverse reactions to aspartame, such as headaches, digestive problems, allergic reactions, etc. are reported to the FDA every month. Avoid this hazardous chemical.
  4. Soft drinks. They contain a variety of harmful chemicals such as phosphoric acid, aspartame, “natural flavors” (MSG), caffeine, THC (toxic brown coloring), etc.
  5. Hybrid foods. Hybrid fruits and vegetables (that’s what you get in commercial grocery stores) are missing many nutrients. Get back to organically grown foods raised from open pollinated seeds for highest stamina and vitality. Avoid hybrid produce and its high levels of contaminants (such as pesticides, etc.).
  6. Refined foods. Devitalized foods which contain white flour, white rice, white sugar or toxic food chemicals are associated with poor health and early death. Instead eat whole, fresh foods.
  7. Toxic personal care and household products. Most personal care items currently on the market (such as shampoos, deodorants, moisturizers, facial cleansers, cleaning agents, etc.) contain chemicals which are potentially toxic. These chemicals are absorbed through your skin into your body and can create ill health. Avoid toxic household products such as most dishwashing liquids, cleaning agents, etc.
  8. Detoxify your body. Even after you stop using toxic household and personal care products (such as commercial toothpaste, shampoo, skin care lotions, cleaners, etc.), you still need to detoxify the buildup of these toxics that have accumulated in your body.
  9. Medical drugs. Current research shows that taking even correctly prescribed medical drugs will shorten your lifespan. This is because most medical drugs suppress your symptoms instead of curing the problem. Drug use commonly leads to side effects. Find out the true cause(s) of your medical condition, then correct these (including nutritional deficiencies) so that you can discontinue medication. (Check with your doctor first).
  10. Exposure to electromagnetic pollution. Avoid long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic pollution, such as from TVs, phones, cell phones, watches, smart metes. Request info about our EMF Protectors which can protect you when using these devices.
  11. Lack of regular exercise and daily sunshine. Regular exercise and at least 20 minutes of sunshine daily are essential for good health.
  12. Decaying teeth. Old tooth decay (whether it is painful or not) can cause chronic symptoms in other parts of your body. Repair decayed teeth as soon as possible and use a Biological Dentist.
  13. Dead teeth. A dead tooth slowly releases putrid by-products which can cause chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms in your body. Rarely do you know when a tooth is dead. Get a Thermal Conductivity Test to check for dead teeth.
  14. Silver fillings in your teeth. Silver fillings contain toxic heavy metals such as mercury, a known health destroyer. Replace your silver fillings with biocompatible fillings.
  15. Toxic dental work, Most common dental materials are toxic, such as gold alloys, porcelain, stainless steel, palladium, titanium posts or implants, etc. Replace toxic dental work with biocompatible dental materials
  16. Old root canals. Conventional root canal therapy typically uses gutta percha (which contains mercury, barium, cadmium, and lead) to fill the canals. These toxic metals slowly leach in the body.
  17. Exposure to cigarette/cigar smoke. Firsthand and secondhand smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals. Avoid breathing smoke from any source.
  18. Tap water. Most city tap water is toxic and may contain over 2,000 known contaminants, including harmful chemicals, germs and parasites. Install an adequate home water purification system or drink only recommended brands of purified water.
  19. Indoor air pollution. The air in your home may contain thousands of chemicals (unseen) from the out-gassing of many chemicals from rugs, paint, furniture, cleaning products, cooking, heating, dry cleaning, etc. as well as molds, mites and dust. Air out your home regularly, even in the winter time. Avoid breathing hair sprays and beauty shop chemicals.
  20. Outdoor air pollution. Avoid breathing polluted outside air. If you live in a big city with heavy smog or in an area with toxic airborne pollutants, the best solution may be to move to a healthier environment. Avoid exercise near auto exhaust.
  21. Hair dyes and permanents. These harmful chemicals can be absorbed through your scalp and then migrate into your systemic circulation. Avoid using them.
  22. Exposure to pesticides, insecticides, fungicides. These are at the very top of the list of cancer-causing agents. Avoid eating commercially grown food (which is high in pesticides) and eating out.