Your Gut: More Amazing Data

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June 25, 2015

The more the human genome is studied, the more we are learning about the bacteria that reside in our gut. Dr. Bruce West, founder of the Health Alert, sheds some interesting light on the topic in the article below.

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With your small intestines measuring about 20 feet long and your large intestine measuring about 5 feet long, there is a TON of space for bacteria, good and bad, to reside.

“In actuality, in sheer numbers, the microbes (baxter) in your body and their genes dwarf the rest of your genes (your human genome). Yes, it turns out that you, me, and the rest of us are only about 10% human! The other 90% of genetic information (genes) that exerts tremendous influence over your health comes from your microbes.” 

Health Alert, Vol. 30, No. 10

The #1 science story for 2013 was the Microbiome Project. This is the major undertaking to study and genetically map all the bugs in our gut. And did it ever turn up startling data. We always thought our genes and our brain controlled our health. But over 90% of all our genes are not human. They are instead the genes of the microbes (bugs) throughout our body and gut.

And not only does our gut flora (the microbes in our gut) play a critical role in gut health – as in diarrhea, colitis, constipation, nausea, vomiting, gas, cramps, chronic gut pain, diverticulitis, colon and rectal cancer, obesity, autoimmune disease, heart disease, emotional problems like depression and anxiety, insomnia, and much, much more.

Today even more research is churning out new information about our gut and its flora. With additional scientists in China adding their research, we have no mapped and catalogued 9.8 million genes of gut bacteria – three times the initial mapping. And new bacteria are still popping up in our guts – like Oenococcus, a bacterium used in the fermentation of wine!

The latest research shows that your gut flora is intimately involved in the critical functions of metabolism (how your body utilizes food for energy), and perhaps more important, detoxification of foreign substances. That means your gut bacteria actually detoxify poisons and toxins for you, saving you from horrible sickness. And of late, we now know that your gut bacteria are even involved in the worldwide super-problem of antibiotic resistance, and in particular penicillin resistance. That means your gut bugs could spell the difference whether an antibiotic could save your life when needed, or be useless due to antibiotic resistance.

The gut Microbiome Project is, in my mind, the most interesting study of all time in medicine. And it continues to grow. Without having to understand the microbiology, the take-home message is this: you must keep your gut and its flora healthy. And if you have gut problems that you cannot solve, be sure to see my article, “Your Gut Bacteria Are Directly Linked to Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and More,” Health Alert Vol. 31, No. 3. It will simply explain how to treat your gut and its flora. Or just write me a note and explain your gut problems. I will see that you get the information you need to regain your health FOR FREE.

The Most Important Steps to Take

Don’t want to get that involved? Then just take a few simple steps over the next 9months.

1) Change your diet to a Mediterranean diet. Eat lots of your foods raw, and eat gut-healthy foods like bananas, oats, beans, beets, onions, nuts, bran, avocados, sauerkraut, raw milk and cheese, and healthy eggs.

2) Start a good pre- and probiotic. The best is ProSynbiotic (2 tablets daily for 9 months) from Standard Process.

3) To heal the lining of your small and large intestine, use the healing properties of allantoin and tillandsia. Take the produce Okra-Pepsin E3 (4 capsules daily for 9 months) from Standard Process.

4) To keep your gut healthy, keep it acid. Use the amazing product Zymex (2 per meal for 9 months) from Standard Process. Zymex is made from a velvety mold that is grown on a culture of beets, tillandsia, and wheat germ. It helps to acidify your gut. Healthy bacteria love an acidic gut and unhealthy gas-forming bacteria hate it. Zymex is also highly detoxifying in your gut.

5) Try to quite or avoid antacids. They are the scourge of your gut. Instead use the information on page 107 of your Encyclopedia of Pragmatic and Holistic Medicine or 45-Day Health Turnaround book. This will show you hot to perform the Zypan Test to determine if you have insufficient stomach acid – the main cause of acid indigestion.

Want to get healthy, feel younger, look better and have more energy? Your gut is key. The Microbiome Project is proving it every single day. And the protocols presented here are amazing for restoring gut health, and then your general health that will follow. Now that is pragmatic medicine.